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BASCOLIN Genuine Nozzles DNOPDN128 / DN0PDN128

BASCOLIN Genuine Nozzles DNOPDN128 / DN0PDN128
BASCOLIN Genuine Nozzles DNOPDN128 / DN0PDN128
OEM No/Model:

105007-1280,9 432 610 476,8970817900,1662089TA0

Minimum Order:


Export Ratio:

81% - 90%

Unit Price:




Place of Region:


Payment Terms:


Price Terms:


Delivery Port:


Delivery Time:

5 Days

Market Type:

After Market



Current Export Market:

North America,South America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Mid East,Africa

Product Details

Product Name:

BASCOLIN Genuine Nozzles DNOPDN128 / DN0PDN128

Product Attribute:



Product Description:

ISUZU 4JG2 nozzles DNOPDN128 [105007-1280,9 432 610 476,8970817900,1662089TA0]   availabel from global pioneer of overall solution in diesel systems.DNOPDN128DNOPDN128DN0PDN128DN0PDN128

DSLA145P1109 DLLA152P967 DLLA150P010
DLLA144P521 DLLA154PN068 DLLA152PN009 DLLA150P105
DLLA144P527 DLLA158P7154 DLLA152PN014 DLLA160PN010
DLLA144P568 DLLA160PN159 DLLA152PN077 DLLA150P011
DLLA144P738 DLLA155PN111 DLLA152PN184 DLLA150P167
DLLA144P971+ DLLA160P79 DLLA152PN320 DLLA155P024
DLLA145P1068 140M200-7 DLLA153P1270+ DLLA155P273
DLLA145P115 DLLA152P313 DLLA153P355 DLLA150P018
DLLA145P129 DLLA156PV3201319 DLLA153P884 DLLA150P115
DLLA145P286 DLLA155P217 DLLA153PN177 DLLA150P115
DLLA145P309 DLLA155P1044 DLLA153PN178 DLLA155P019
DLLA145P310 DLLA155P842 DLLA154P089 DLLA155P135
DLLA145P328 289T379092 DLLA154P206 DLLA154P089
DLLA145P392 L079PBD DLLA154P316 DLLA154P332
DLLA145P393 DLLA150P238 DLLA154P596 DLLA145P030
DLLA145P466 DLLA151P008 DLLA154P605 DLLA150P070
DLLA145P504 L368PBB DLLA154P866 DLLA140P072
DLLA145P574 DSLA124P1659 DLLA154P90 DLLA150P082
DLLA145P580/ DLLA155P863 DLLA154P900 DSLA145P001
DLLA145P593 CP0722651735 DLLA154PN007 DSLA145P300
DLLA145P606 DLLA122P533 DLLA154PN049 DSLA147P008
DLLA145P609 DLLA147P788 DLLA154PN062 DLLA145P115
DLLA145P632 L025PBC DLLA154PN064 DLLA158PN312
DLLA145P639 DLLA155P872 DLLA154PN067 DLLA155PN118
DLLA145P785/ DLLA147P1121+ DLLA154PN068 DLLA150P326
DLLA145P864 DLLA150P1566 DLLA154PN087 DLLA150P126
DLLA145P870 DLLA155P1038 DLLA154PN116 DLLA155P131
DLLA145P926+ DLLA118P1677 DLLA154PN185 DLLA155P137
DLLA145P927+ DLLA147P360 DLLA154PN186 DLLA155P270
DLLA145P928+ DLLA150P1076 DLLA155P125 DLLA152PN014
DLLA145P978 2645L613 DLLA155P131 DLLA152PN063
DLLA146P1218 2645L615 DLLA155P135 DLLA150PN088
DLLA146P1296 145M35304 DLLA155P137 DLLA157P020
DLLA146P1297 DSLA136P804/ DLLA155P138 DLLA157PN090
DLLA146P1339+ DSLA150P194 DLLA155P139 DLLA151P133
DLLA146P139 6801118 DLLA155P16 DLLA151PV29J
DLLA146P140 DSLA135P633 DLLA155P179 DLLA155P138
DLLA146P154- DSLA142PV600 DLLA155P180   DLLA155P556
DLLA146P1545 DSLA144PV605 DLLA155P215 DLLA155P139
DLLA146P166 DLLA146P1405/ DLLA155P230 DLLA155P451
DLLA146P1725 DSLA141P1096 DLLA155P270 DLLA150P52Q
DLLA146P190 DLLA140P323 DLLA155P273 DLLA150P958
DLLA146P499 DLLA146P693 DLLA155P274 DLLA150P172
DLLA146P581 DLLA160PN100 DLLA155P275 DLLA153P035
DLLA146P600 DLLA150PN021 DLLA155P277 DLLA153PN178
DLLA146PN055 DLLA160PN004 DLLA155P282 DLLA145P119
DLLA146PN220 DLLA150P881 DLLA155P306 DLLA145P129
DLLA147P1048+ DLLA160P627 DLLA155P307 DLLA150P125
DLLA147P1049 DLLA148PN266 DLLA155P451 DLLA139P167
DLLA147P1121+ DLLA150P226 DLLA155P5 DSLA145P014
DLLA147P1229 DLLA152P967 DLLA155P564 DSLA145P681
DLLA147P360 DLLA137P608 DLLA155P572/ DLLA150P224
DLLA147P370 DLLA130P858 DLLA155P657 DLLA150P224
DLLA147P538 DLLA151P941 DLLA155P66 DSLA154P018
DLLA147P658 DLLA155P686 DLLA155P706 DLLA154P966
DLLA147P680 DLLA157P855 DLLA155P74 DSLA148P023
DLLA147P788 DLLA144P1050 DLLA155P767 DLLA155P180
DLLA147P827 DLLA149P1724 DLLA155P84 DSLA153P009
DLLA147P875 DLLA152P1768 DLLA155P848 DLLA145P171
DLLA148P1067 DLLA152P1819 DLLA155P857 DLLA152P847
DLLA148P1460 DLLA155P965 DLLA155P863 DSLA148P021

BASCOLIN Genuine Nozzles DNOPDN128 / DN0PDN128
BASCOLIN Genuine Nozzles DNOPDN128 / DN0PDN128

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