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HomeProductsCommon Rail NozzlesBASCOLIN Common Rail Nozzle DLLA155P842 093400-8420

BASCOLIN Common Rail Nozzle DLLA155P842 093400-8420

BASCOLIN Common Rail Nozzle DLLA155P842 093400-8420
BASCOLIN Common Rail Nozzle DLLA155P842 093400-8420
OEM No/Model:


Minimum Order:


Export Ratio:

81% - 90%

Unit Price:




Place of Region:


Payment Terms:


Price Terms:


Delivery Port:


Delivery Time:

5 Days

Market Type:

After Market



Current Export Market:

North America,South America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Mid East,Africa

Product Details

Product Name:

BASCOLIN Common Rail Nozzle DLLA155P842 093400-8420

Product Attribute:



Hino J08E

Product Description:

BASCOLIN Original common rail nozzles DLLA155P842 
DENSO 093400-8420 
Injectors 095000-6591

Welcome to contact us for more common rail nozzles.DLLA155P842DLLA155P842DLLA155P842DLLA155P842

DLLA150P2186  DLLA148P1688 DLLA151P1656 DLLA118P1357 DLLA142P852 DLLA125P889
DLLA145P2270  DLLA150P1828 DLLA146P1581   DLLA142P1654 DLLA145P1024 DLLA127P944
DLLA149P2166   DLLA149P1724 DLLA145P1655   DLLA143P2143 DLLA145P864 DLLA129P890
DLLA143P2364  DLLA150P1076  DLLA144P1565 DLLA143P2365 DLLA145P870 DLLA133P814
DLLA152P1819  DSLA140P1723 DLLA152P1768 DLLA144P1539 DLLA147P1049 DLLA133P888
DLLA150P2439   DSLA143P970 DLLA142P1709 DLLA145P2155 DLLA148P915 DLLA138P919
DLLA137P1577  DLLA150P1566 DLLA146P1339 DLLA146P1406  DLLA150P866 DLLA138P934
DLLA150P2339  DSLA136P804 DLLA155P1674  DLLA146P1725  DLLA150P906  DLLA139P851
DLLA150P2440  DSLA143P1523 DLLA150P1011 DLLA146P1770 DLLA150P927  DLLA143P761
DLLA145P2144  DLLA150P1197 DLLA147P1702 DLLA148P1671 DLLA152P865 DLLA143P763
DLLA156P1719  DSLA154P1320 DLLA143P1696 DLLA148P1761 DLLA152P879 DLLA144P830
DLLA149P2345   DLLA156P1509 DLLA148P2221 DLLA148P1815 DLLA152P947 DLLA145P1031
DLLA157P2447  DSLA158P974 DLLA128P1510 DLLA148P2222 DLLA153P977 DLLA145P1049
DLLA147P2405  DSLA156P736 DLLA150P2121  DLLA148PN283 DLLA155P848 DLLA145P574
DLLA149P2332   DSLA150P1103 DLLA118P2203 DLLA149P1562 DLLA155P863 DLLA145P606
DLLA148P2267  DSLA124P1659 DLLA152P879 DLLA149P1813 DLLA155P948 DLLA145P875
DLLA148P2268  DSLA150P800 DLLA153P1721  DLLA150P1008 DLLA155P964 DLLA147P747
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DLLA150P1622  DSLA152P1287 DLLA145P2168 DLLA150P1511 DLLA157P855 DLLA148P820
DLLA150P2123  DSLA150P1247 DLLA152P2344 DLLA150P1512 DLLA158P834 DLLA148P821
DLLA150P1666  DSLA143P5501 DLLA144P1417 DLLA150P1564 DLLA158P854 DLLA148P826
DLLA133P2491   DSLA146P1398 DLLA150P1803 DLLA150P1606 DLLA139P887 DLLA148P828
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DLLA140P2281  DLLA145P2301 DLLA157P715 DLLA156P1367 DLLA155P941 DLLA155P1025
DLLA150P2197  DLLA151P2421 DSLA128P1510  DLLA156P1368 DLLA155P985 DLLA155P840
L087PBD  L222PBC  L138PBD L221PBC L133PBD L135PBD
L120PBD  L163PBA L025PBC L097PBD L121PBD L136PBD
L028PBC  L137PBD L337PBB  L194PBC

BASCOLIN Common Rail Nozzle DLLA155P842 093400-8420
BASCOLIN Common Rail Nozzle DLLA155P842 093400-8420

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